Remembering God …


It takes only one instant and you are back home where you never left. This is The Holy Instant of release.

“Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?” -A Course in Miracles



Yet this is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more.

It’s so simple, we often miss it

Peace and healing is available to us right now in this moment…

I call it THE 15 SECOND GIFT.

You can offer it to friends and family to help them and you to shift into this Beautiful state of Quiet Awareness that brings peace, healing and the remembrance of Beingness.

This is our natural state.

I simply say to someone “ I’m going to Give you a 15 second gift. Are you ready?”

If they say “sure”, I share it with them by closing my eyes. I put my hand on heart and say “Rest here in quiet, rest in God.’

Then I count silently for 15 seconds or I just guess and then say I “Amen” or and “So it is” or anything that is coming to me to express.

What I’ve noticed is people are searching for this inner peace and when you as a practitioner know this you can give this gift to others. It doesn’t feel religious or even too! spiritual for most people. The ones I’ve done it with have all said “Thank you” and then we keep on talking or we’re finished.

You will find that you receive it even deeper when you share it.

This is sharing the Holy Instant.


You can practice the mechanics of the holy instant and learn much from doing so. Yet it’s shining and glittering brilliance, which will literally

Blind you to this world by its own vision, you cannot supply. And here it is, all in this instant, complete, accomplished and given wholly.

This video will show you other ways I practice the holy instant in my life that may be helpful …



I love you.


I would love to hear from you! I invite you to try this out in your life and then post your comments below on your experience. You can give yourself a 15 Second Gift of peace and healing or you can offer it to someone else.