The world just got a little bit smaller and many people are scrambling to figure out what to do. How to navigate this brand-new world. What lies ahead for us when everything is so different?

For many it’s simply, how do I make a living now in this unstable economy. How to provide for my family? Can I live in this world and still have great relationships and friendships with social distancing laws and etiquette’s? What should I do for money, optimum health and positive circumstances that just naturally flow my way even after the largest global scale stall in the economy in history?

Can I really have peace of mind and positivity?  How?

Masters have been teaching this before Jesus or the Buddha and there are hundreds of thousands of beings that are doing this today and these Global changes have been occurring since the days of Noah according the ancient writings. So, what to do?

Try this right now. With hand on heart; pause/resting in awareness for 5 minutes. Nice and slow
breathe in with breath awareness long breath and long breath out resting in awareness of breathing. Stay in the awareness of this experience right now and keep reading. Pause, pause, pause. Stay as awareness.

I was on a conference call last week and someone was saying they were on workbook lesson 27 in the course and they were just beginning to understand and feel like there is hope and even though there may be periodic confusion in the mind, there is a way that Peace will come.

I got very excited when this person mentioned workbook lesson 27 because this gives priority to decisions of the heart directed to the mind action.

In this one workbook lesson and actually the next two lessons compliment this one.

Above all else I want to see.

And above all else I want to see this differently.

What does this mean really?

It means that we have the power of decision that will change everything in our lives as resting in awareness, quiet stillness and presence activates this power that is within us.

We are created with an innate dominion over all things and these things in form are under the authority of decision of the heart. So, we make the decision above all else I want to be free. Really hold that to be the most important most valuable desire of the heart and bam. IT’S DONE.

 The power of the universe must answer to support it. It’s the law of mind and It’s the law of God.

When You make claim of the decision making power of the mind while resting in awareness, Spirit will empower this decision with the power of the universe.

This came with you in consciousness before you entered the mothers womb and this you still have.

I was on an interview the other day where someone invited me to recall a miracle in my life and share it with the audience around Christmas time that would be aired in all different venues on the Internet and when I answered the question or when I looked for the answer I suddenly recalled the moment at 27 years old. (it’s funny it’s the same number as the workbook lesson 😀) That I recalled being a single parent of a three-year-old daughter. I came home early in the morning after being out partying, I had spent the last 14 years drinking, drugging just being a grown-up teenager who couldn’t stop the things that I had started and now I am responsible for this little child.

Looking at her asleep at the end of my bed that morning I said “god if you’re real I need your help.”

I said this with every fiber in my being. I really desired to be a good father a good parent. I wanted to do the right thing and this energized something that the universe responded to forever changing my life, my daughter and grandchildren.

Within two months of that decision making that cry and desire of my heart known to the universe I had moved from Texas where this took place to the Bahamas. I found myself in the middle of a religious community called the Gideons of the Bahamas and I am suddenly being baptized in the ocean into the doctrine of Jesus and Christianity. This changed everything. I immediately stopped smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, and drinking all in one day I never went to AA, I never had withdrawals either.

After 13 years of being lost and confused and immersed in the drug culture it suddenly just vanished from something I was interested in or had a pull for.

I wanted to go to Jerusalem and Bethlehem where Jesus walked because I was skeptical of that event actually happening as it was described in the Bible and I wanted to know more so I went to the holy land and the rest is another story.

All of this happened from making one decision above all else I need help.

What is the cry of your heart?

What is it that you want above all else?

It is your single decision that must and will be answered by the universe and the power vested in you by the universe will support your decision to be fulfilled no matter what.

In this brand new open space world we live in right now in this moment somehow we have a brand new slate, a brand new consciousness even a global awareness that seemingly wasn’t there before.

It is a significant power that will produce extraordinary results for the one who knows this and makes that single pivotal decision that above all else I want to know the self, I want to know God presents my own being more than anything on the earth.

This is the single desire of the sun the Christ for the father pure presence of awareness. This is the resurrection and the life the way, the truth, And the life.

This is your I am that I am.

Resting in awareness is the key that unlocks the portal to listening, knowing, and being as God created you.

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I love you