Awareness Is Hearing God’s Voice

I love this topic and ACIM workbook lesson 49: “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”


I was talking to Lisa today and we were discussing this workbook lesson and a situation that seemed like I had invited conflict to rise up and be in my experience for a few days that was quickly becoming unpleasant for me and disturbing my peace.

As I was describing the situation to Lisa I was becoming very aware of the drama surrounding it that I hadn’t noticed before. In that moment I realized I did not want the conflict, I only wanted peace and that is exactly what occurred. Denial and affirmation. The part of the mind that was silently in the background looked on the situation and said NO, then I (the person) chose Peace.

It is my experience that Bill the person did not make the decision or choose differently but instead the option of conflict and differences was seen from that place of Pure Awareness and the choice for separation and differences dissolved on the spot.  From there, the choice was made to say, “no more”…

I feel the person (Bill) did not make this choice for Peace but that Peace was a result of a decision made in the mind which was carried out by the person. Does this make sense?

This is the power of being the observer and it happens so fast we think it is the person who decides…


To listen to God’s Voice only do this:

Get quiet, Still the mind and Rest in the background of Awareness where God is…


“I am this that sees and there is nothing to report.”

Bill Free