The only way out of the human condition is to die before we die…

There is a recorded video of a man talking to Mooji who said, “Mooji I want you to kill me.”
What in the world was he talking about? Mooji would never take another man’s life. What did he mean?



Mooji: “You want me to kill what you are Not… Satsang is cyanide for ego…”

The only way out of the human condition is to die before we die…

Your exit strategy requires that you allow the false self “I” to die by giving it No attention, No power and letting it dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

How do we do this?

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The recipe for Freedom!


We raise every question, all personal self-thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, opinions, points of view, preferences, body identity, gender identity, past, future or ideas about the present or good or bad to be raised into quiet Awareness. And only to be seen. Herein lies Pure Presence, the Peace of God.

This is the SELF as God created you.

Whenever your peace is disturbed in any way you can know you are person identified and you must have forgotten what You are.

Quietly notice without words or thoughts and you will be lifted to safety and peace above the battle ground into the arms of Creator and LOVE… Be the SELF.

Bill Free