The 40-Day Program and Mooji: What do they have in common?



The fast track.

The train leaves today. ☺

Have you ever wondered why it seems like other people out there in India or London encounter miracle situations where people have near-death experiences, visitations by angels or beings from beyond the veil… and have a sudden Awakening… but somehow it’s unattainable for you?


You can stop that idea in its tracks right now. It’s just not true!

You are Awake or you wouldn’t be reading this post. Really!

The 40-Day Program and/or A Course in Miracles or Mooji will take you all the way home. You are, and this is just the beginning.

The wave is rising so high around the planet right now that the shift can no longer be contained. You are going to be needed to help others into the Light.

This is the time and we are being prepared. Are you ready? This is the great Awakening!

Bill posts his first video blog and behind-the-scenes look at his own experience with the 40-Day Program and what it’s like for him…

Have a look: